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I'm an Astute Reacher


Based in Provo, Utah, I design unique and intimate celebrations, spaces, and companies by carefully considering and adapting to the needs of the individual.

I'm a
Project Manager

Project Manager

As the lead communicator and organizer for this experience design consultation with the Kreative Kiln (a pottery studio start-up), I identified that there is a need for particiapants in the 2-hour clay-throwing workshop to feel autonomous, competent, and connected to both the instructor and other participants.

I facilitated and led meetings with the Owner and CEO of the Kreative Kiln to communicate project timeline expectations, deliverables, and implementation of solutions. As a strengths-oriented orchestrator I empowered my team to contribute according their talents and expertise.

After 4-months of utilizing various observation, interview, and triangulation methods to gather empathy data, I designed a presentation that would test my team's prototype. After collecting positive validation for our design solutions, my team crafted the detailed design of human-centric solutions recommended in this executive proposal.  

I'm a

Wedding Planning

I specialize in intimate, destination, and non-traditional weddings.

I am an astute reacher, connecting with the unique needs and interests of clients. I excel in crafting intimate celebrations that prioritize individualization and foster meaningful connections. I refocus wedding planning on the union of the bride and groom and savoring the joy of life-long love.

If you crave the following:
~ A unique wedding that honors the personalities of you and your partner
~ A planning process that will develop the special bond between you and your fiance
~ An intimate wedding with you, your partner, and your closest family and friends
~ A Ceremony & Celebration that will strengthen your foundation for life-long partnership
I'm the Gal for you! Contact me!

However, if your priority is any of the following:
~ A wedding with 300+ guests
~ A "Instagram Perfect" wedding
~ A Cheap DIY wedding
~ A Pinterest Copy & Paste wedding
I'm NOT the Gal for you. I can refer you to other planners.

I'm an


As my parents are saving and preparing for retirement I have begun the difficult, and emotionally sensitive process of editing and organizing their possessions collected in their 38 years of marriage.

As a multi-thinking finisher, I have taken the lead in family negotiations and the reorganization of a functional retirement home. These projects are varied, overlapping, and will be completed in multiple phases over the next 5 years.

A consistent obstacle that must be faced is: the unwarranted attachment to items and habits that do not serve their owner well. I repeatedly overcome this process by professionally implementing the Home Edit Methodology.

This process is the backbone to the aesthetically pleasing and function spaces I have created for my parents.

I'm a
Private Event

private Event Planner

I planned, coordinated, and hosted a private murder mystery dinner party for 30 attendees.

As an astute Reacher, I connected with the unique needs and interests of every guest when assigning character roles. This ensured everyone would feel comfortable and confident as they participated in the event. This increased engagement and overall enjoyment for each participant.

By charging an admission fee I reduced the number of cancelations prior to the event, enabling me to solidify and send roles further in advance. This gave guests more time to prepare costumes and become familiar with their character’s objectives, personality, and secrets.